About the International Academy for Professional Development Ltd

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The International Academy for Professional Development Ltd was established in 2010 to bring together recognised and accredited centres and faculties of expertise that provide professional development courses and programmes to professionals around the world.

The Centres of Expertise group of Centres and Faculties based in London, England, and provide a range of training, education, research and consultancy services. Our first Centre, the Centre for Stress Management was established in 1987. We have delivered our accredited and recognised training programmes in Europe, China, Japan and New Zealand. We have affiliated centres in New Zealand where we can provide a range of our accredited programmes. In addition to the International Academy’s website which brings our programmes together, most Centres of Expertise have their own website.

The courses run by the Centre for Stress Management, Centre for Coaching and International Academy for Professional Development are recognised for CPD purposes by the International Society for Coaching Psychology and the British Psychological Society Learning Centre.

Our Centres in association with the International Academy for Professional Development run Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Approved Development Programmmes. Our courses are run in London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. Some courses have been run in Gothenburg, Sweden. We also run our courses in-house for organisations and companies around the world. The ILM Advanced Coaching Development Programme is over 100 hours in length. Our ILM Advanced Development Awards qualify successful candidates for Associate Membership of the ILM. Those with more than five years experience may also apply for full Membership of the ILM. Certificates of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are issued to delegates who attend 90% of a development programme.Successful completion of our coaching diploma programmes can lead to Chartership with CABA.

The Centres and Faculties are self-contained operational units acting as a part of the International Academy or as independent units contractually associated with the International Academy. To maintain an overall cohesive strategy, in addition to topic specialists, Directors of the International Academy are also involved with each Centre and Faculty.