Affiliated Centres

Centres Affiliated to the International Academy for Professional Development Ltd

Centre for Stress Management

The Centre for Stress Management, established in 1987, is an international training centre and stress consultancy. It provides stress management and prevention programmes, cognitive behavioural therapy training and coaching, stress audits and research, and stress counselling.

The Centre for Stress Management has become one of the leading providers of stress management and cognitive behavioural training for health, management, caring and HR professionals in the United Kingdom. In this time it has trained many thousands of delegates and students.

Centre for Coaching

The Centre for Coaching is an international training centre and consultancy established in 2001. It is a leading training provider of coaching, psychological coaching and coaching psychology courses. As a coach training provider since 2001 it has trained over 1500 national and international students/delegates.

Centre for Neuroscience

The International Academy for Professional Development and National Wellbeing Service launched the Centre for Neuroscienceon 6th May, 2016 to focus on developing and providing neuroscience courses that are linked to the programmes provided by affiliated centres, the Centre for Coaching and the Centre for Stress Management.

The Centre for Neuroscience has two key objectives:

• To provide professional development, training and education in neuroscience and allied fields.
• To undertake neuroscience research and disseminate knowledge.

Our particular interest is in disseminating neuroscience research that informs the fields of coaching, management, learning, ecopsychology, counselling and psychotherapy. Our team will be publishing work on these topics.

Centre for Ecopsychology and Wellbeing

The Centre for Ecopsychology and Wellbeing has been launched to further research into the links between Ecopsychology, health and wellbeing.

Centre for Positive Transitions

The Centre for Positive Transitions has been launched to provide consultancy, education, training, coaching and research services focusing on all aspects of managing transitions.

National Wellbeing Service Ltd

The National Wellbeing Service has been set up by a group of psychologists and health educators who want to provide up-to-date wellbeing-related information, guidance and research to the public and health professionals.

The key objects for which the National Wellbeing Service is established are:

3.1.1 The provision of an online national wellbeing information service.
3.1.2 The provision of the training, education and professional development of health professionals and affiliated fields and all related services and facilities.
3.1.3 The provision of training and consultancy services for companies, organisations and the community